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Have you wanted to join a sport but were puzzled how tosport contact that group? Personally, have you desired to improve your fitness and/or develop friendships through sport participation? Have you wanted to announce your sport's event to the community? As a leader of a sport group, have you wondered if some of your needs are compatible with those of another sport? If the community sponsored a regional, national or international sport event, how might you obtain volunteers to make it a success? How could one advocate for the positive values of sport? The answer lies with Sport Kawartha.

Our mission is to be the central resource for sports with a mandate to value, improve, recognize and promote sport participation in the region.

Our intention is to become a major voice and advocate for sport participation. We believe the advantages of all sports groups pulling together to realize an improved sports future are significant.

Many communities in the province and the country have already established Sport Kawartha like organizations. In Ontario, Sport Oakville and the London Sports Council are fine examples of what can be done.

Turning back to 2005, a movement emerged locally that has led to the establishment of Sport Kawartha. More recently, following several community meetings beginning September '09, widespread support for this entity was evident. April 15, 2010, Sport Kawartha (SK) was formally launched. During this period, several partakers heeded the call, established an initial Board, then appointed an executive. This group, all volunteers, is the current leadership team (see list of Directors) of this not for profit entity.

Since Spring '09, we have held several public and many Directors' meetings. Activities have included a Municipal Election All Candidates meeting, an Insurance forum, a Volunteer recruitment workshop, a Sport Participation Survey, identification of sport groups needs, establishing a website and much more. We held our first annual meeting February 1, 2011.

You can see those Sport Groups and Businesses who are members by continuing through our website or by clicking on the Members menu at the top.

Individuals, Sport groups and Businesses can support our mission by taking out a Sport Kawartha membership.


Bill O'Byrne

Past Chair, Sport Kawartha